Web3 & Blockchain

We truly master our knowledge about web3 & blockchain

As a creative application development company, Tessafold support businesses to find their place in the mobile ecosystem.

We ride the tide of the latest advancements in mobile technology and know-how to create a robust mobile app that meets your business goals and is customized for your product.

Backend development

Mastering our know how to write the best quality and bug free code covered by automation testing and software design patterns is our passion. We take our responsibilty of your data and take care about data security of our clients and thier clients and we do clean integrations with other third parties like payment methods, DHL and Sendgrid.

Our Backend Tech Stack:

R, Python (Core & Django), PHP (Core & Laravel & Symfony & Magento2), Java EE, Liferay, C# (Unity 3d & ASP .NET & .NET Core) and NodeJS

Frontend development

All our frontend developers have the passion to deliver the best user journey, they always think about the users and have the experience in UI/UX and their tools like Adobe XD and Figma, they love the frontend client side and care about every little pixel and detail in your design, CSS5 is not just a programming language for us, it is our passion!

With our experience in Html5, CSS3, JS and many frontend frameworks like VueJS, Typescript, Angular and ReactJS we deliver the best user experiences and responsive mobile apps.

Mobile app development (Android and iOS, Native and X Platform)

Our talented and expert team cleverly applies MVVM architecture and has the know how in all development platforms, native and cross-platforms, and is expert in applying algorithms like Kalman filter.

By balancing Material Design best practices and our own vision, we create interfaces, which grab the users’ attention.


We help you to create top-notch native apps for iOS such as iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch using Objective-C and Swift, and for Android like Smartphones, Tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV using Java and Kotlin programming languages.

We are experts in Developing mobile apps with Flutter and React native to establish cost efficient modern apps.


By following a continuous delivery model, we build products in short cycles to quickly generate business value. Continuous delivery not only helps us minimize the risks associated with product release, but also improves productivity and increases the transparency of our development processes.


Maintenance and support

After the delivery of your desired app, we maintain the cooperation with our clients by providing continuous support in bug-fixing and, if desired, in the further development of app functions.

Every project gives us the chance to provide an excellent user experience because we consider it a special privilege to turn a vision into reality. We look forward to hearing from you.