IT Consulting in CleverShore Model

IT Consulting in CleverShore model

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We offer our clients two kind of services:

1. IT Consulting on location or in the same time zone:

Alternative to the typical permanent employment or hiring individual freelancers we offer our partners one or more expert developers from our team according to their needs. If you need one or more expert software developers only for a specific period (at least one month), and already have a team of developers, and you are tired of finding the right persons who meet your requirements, then Tessafold is your potential partner. You give us your requirements, which we study very carefully, we send you profiles of candidates from our team to fill this position, you interview your chosen candidates and test them with your technical test, and finally, after getting your positive feedback, we sign an IT Consulting agreement together, which starts with a free of charges trial period of two weeks, to let you test working together with our developers, and it will be used to evaluate whether both parties want to pursue an ongoing, long term partnership.  Maybe after a while you need to expand your team with more experts from Tessafold, you will get developers, who already belong to Tessafold's team, and are familliar in working together at the same office. Our developers will join your team and work with you directly following your DoD and DoR, attending your scrum daily, review, planning, and retro meetings, and their working hours are booked only for you.   Example: Company X has a deadline to complete their project, they already have a team consisting of frontend and backend developers and it needs an expert artificial intelligence developer to join its team and work full-time directly with it only for three months. In this case, Tessafold comes with its team and provides the company x with candidates from the team to fill this position.

2. A-Z Software development:

During the Corona Pandemic, we innovated our CleverShore Model which mixed the onshore and offshore software development models and extracted only their advantages while avoiding their disadvantages. Our CleverShore Model gives our clients and partners the chance to reduce the costs of developing their projects and achieve the best communication within the team itself and between the team and the client. For every client’s project, we create an English and German-speaking team consisting of a Product Owner, a Scrum Master, and senior software developers. Our Product Owners are on-site with our clients every once a month. They are always on the road between our customers' sites and our offices with the rest of the team in Romania or Egypt. Since we are scrum-oriented, we work in sprints and deliver our client’s products continuously. Our sprint’s duration depends on the project itself and the desire of our clients and it is mostly a week sprint with daily, planning, review, and retro meetings.  

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