A-Z App/Software Development

We truly master our knowledge about web and mobile app development

Tessafold is an entire cycle software development company consisting of experienced software developers, we are dedicated to creating applications with impeccable performance providing seamless user experience. We build client-centric customized solutions that power businesses and their customers every day.

The robust and user friendly app is a great way to propel your business into a whole new level of opportunity. As much as it is an awesome medium for startups to push innovative ideas.

It is a big challenge that pays off, and our team will help you make it through.


We ride the tide of the latest advancements in mobile technology and know-how to create a robust mobile app that meets your business goals and is customized for your product.

Full-cycle skillset

Tessafold is a Software/app development company that offers full-cycle skillset tailored to your business needs and your requirements as follows:

Business analysis and IT consulting

Share with us your idea and let us know your needs, our business analysts and mobile experts work closely with you to see if there can be more value to the software and to come up with a detailed specification, that meets your requirements. We then estimate the project and provide you with a development quote. By signing the contract, the project shall take place directly. 


Prototyping and UX/UI Design

From sketching screens on papers to adding animations and interactions using prototyping apps, we design a prototype of your mobile app from the ground up. You just need to approve our designs before we start implementing them. 


When working on software projects, our developers We master our understanding and KNOW HOW of SOLID principles and software design patterns to deliver the sustainable code. We cover our code with Unit and Integration tests establish a user friendly and bug free software. we combine clean code written in the modernst technologies and frameworks like Javascript frameworks and PHP Laravel, and Symfony, C# .NET and ASP.NET, Java EE, Spring and Liferay DXB with efficient software development processes and follow scrum and CI/CD methods to deliver results that meet both your expectations and the expectations of your customers.



By following a continuous delivery approach, we build products in short cycles to rapidly deliver business value. Continuous delivery helps us not only minimize the risks associated with product release, but also improves the productivity and adds transparency to our development processes. 

Maintenance and support

Upon delivery of your desired app, we maintain a relationship with our customers by providing continuous bug-fixing support and further app-features development if desired. 


Characteristics of our Software/App development


Excellent usability and rich features

Delight users with curated experiences that exceed expectations. From easy onboarding to intuitive navigation, guide visitors along a carefully crafted path to improve customer satisfaction and boost conversions.


Smoothy integration

Integrating a solution into your existing environment, have to ensure easy and seamless data exchange over the whole infrastructure.


Simple and straightforward content management systems

We build software solutions so that non-technical crew can easily manage the content.


Top performance

We build smooth, blazing-fast apps optimized for minimum resource consumption, that are also underpinned by a resilient and highly performant backend, which allows your mobile solution-scale to handle an abounding number of simultaneous users at ease.


Rock-solid personal data security

Win users’ trust and increase adoption by providing secure, yet frictionless mobile experiences. While developing your software solution, we keep your data protected from third-party access, fraud and other threats.

Full-stack app development

Our talented and expert team works in all development platforms, Frontend, Backend, mobile native and cross-platforms


Backend development

Mastering our know how to write the best quality and bug free code covered by automation testing and software design patterns is our passion. We take our responsibilty of your data and take care about data security of our clients and thier clients and we do clean integrations with other third parties like payment methods, DHL and Sendgrid.

Our Backend Tech Stack:

R, Python (Core & Django), PHP (Core & Laravel & Symfony & Magento2), Java EE, Liferay, C# (Unity 3d & ASP .NET & .NET Core) and NodeJS


Frontend development

All our frontend developers have the passion to deliver the best user journey, they always think about the users and have the experience in UI/UX and their tools like Adobe XD and Figma, they love the frontend client side and care about every little pixel and detail in your design, CSS5 is not just a programming language for us, it is our passion!

With our experience in Html5, CSS3, JS and many frontend frameworks like VueJS, Typescript, Angular and ReactJS we deliver the best user experiences and responsive mobile apps.


Mobile app development (Android and iOS, Native and X Platform)

Our talented and expert team cleverly applies MVVM architecture and has the know how in all development platforms, native and cross-platforms, and is expert in applying algorithms like Kalman filter.

By balancing Material Design best practices and our own vision, we create interfaces, which grab the users’ attention.


We help you to create top-notch native apps for iOS such as iPhone, iPad and AppleWatch using Objective-C and Swift, and for Android like Smartphones, Tablets, Android Wear, and Android TV using Java and Kotlin programming languages.

We are experts in Developing mobile apps with Flutter and React native to establish cost efficient modern apps.

Every project gives us a chance to give an excellent user experience because we consider it a privilege to turn a vision into reality and to give you the best shot at success. Ask us about our references! We are looking forward to hearing from you!