Maintenance and support service

Maintenance and support service for your project!

With our maintenance service you not only maintain your project, but also give it a longer lifetime.

During the first four weeks you will receive a completely free support service for your project, after that our support service runs through software maintenance contracts.

Information about our software maintenance contracts:

-The maintenance service includes all app and web applications developed by us. Therefore there is only one overall maintenance contract.

-Particularly if you use extensive software products that require constant further development, you should always be able to rely on the developer being available promptly. For this reason we offer software maintenance contracts.

-With our software maintenance contract, you receive a guaranteed monthly time quota, which you can use promptly for support as well as maintenance, repair and further development of your existing software products.

Our motto for our service: Maintain, take care, give love!

The benefits to you:

-Guaranteed prompt availability of your monthly time contingent within a maximum of two days.

-An attractive discount of 25% on the hourly rate applicable to you for the first 25 hours worked.

-We carry out fixing tasks and fix any bugs that occur.

-You don’t have to rummage through technical gibberish and spend days searching for any solutions.

-Invoicing always on the 15th of a month with a clear list of all your change requests.

Renewal of the maintenance and support service

– After completion of your maintenance contract, we offer a discounted annual contract duration of two years, as well as five years.

– You will continue taking great advantage of our excellent service.

– In addition, you will receive a permanent discount of 10% on our hourly rate for every year.

For questions and further information please do not hesitate to contact us.