Extended Reality with AI solutions

Data automation and Visualization - Using mixed reality and artificial intelligence wisely

Our experts will help you to be ready for the Metaverse by making your product a smart 3D experience applying extended reality services and AI

Tessafold loves to combine digital objects with the real environment to immerse users into new surroundings and allow interacting with them in real-time.
Since AI fundamentally changes the relationship between people and technology, it encourages new skills and creativity.
And the attempt is to bring human learning and thinking to the computer, thus giving it intelligence.
Instead of being programmed for every purpose, with Ai the Machine start to learn how can find independent answers and solve problems on its own.

We follow the latest artificial intelligence developments and know-how to create a robust and smart software solution that meets your business goals and exactly matches your vision of the product.

Business analysis and IT consulting

We take care of detecting the business process of your company, the processes in the industry and the requirements of the end-user. In close cooperation with your specialist department, we design suitable machine learning models and implement them for you in a transparent development process.


Prototyping and UI/UX design

To become the market leader and the first choice of clients in the Market by being available as a partner and helping companies to find solutions to their research, development and operational needs.


This is where AI expertise comes into your project. Our data experts combine the skills of an IT expert and a statistical expert. We implement and refine AI solutions step by step using agile development methods. This produces results that can be presented quickly and regularly. Our software engineers are the link between the data-driven and the classic project. In this way, we achieve maximum performance for you when processing large amounts of data.



By following a continuous delivery model, we build products in short cycles to quickly generate business value. Continuous delivery not only helps us minimize the risks associated with product release, but also improves productivity and increases the transparency of our development processes.


Maintenance and support

After the delivery of your desired app, we maintain the cooperation with our clients by providing continuous support in bug-fixing and, if desired, in the further development of app functions.

Every project gives us the chance to provide an excellent user experience because we consider it a special privilege to turn a vision into reality. We look forward to hearing from you.