Artificial intelligence

Content automation - Using artificial intelligence wisely

Our company has an excellent knowledge for the application of artificial intelligence.

Tessafold loves to incorporate artificial intelligence into the various applications. Since AI fundamentally changes the relationship between people and technology, it encourages new skills and creativity. And the attempt is to bring human learning and thinking to the computer, thus giving it intelligence. Instead of being programmed for every purpose, an AI can find independent answers and solve problems on its own.


We follow the latest artificial intelligence developments and know-how to create a robust and smart software solution that meets your business goals and exactly matches your vision of the product.

Full-cycle skill set tailored

We are an artificial intelligence solution development company that offers a complete range of skills tailored to your business requirements and needs.

Business analysis and IT consulting

We take care of detecting the business process of your company, the processes in the industry and the requirements of the end-user. In close cooperation with your specialist department, we design suitable machine learning models and implement them for you in a transparent development process.


Prototyping and UI/UX design

From sketching screens on papers to adding animations and interactions using prototyping tools, we design a prototype of your mobile application from scratch. All you have to do is approve our designs before we start the implementation.


This is where AI expertise comes into your project. Our data experts combine the skills of an IT expert and a statistical expert. We implement and refine AI solutions step by step using agile development methods. This produces results that can be presented quickly and regularly. Our software engineers are the link between the data-driven and the classic project. In this way, we achieve maximum performance for you when processing large amounts of data.



By following a continuous delivery model, we build products in short cycles to quickly generate business value. Continuous delivery not only helps us minimize the risks associated with product release, but also improves productivity and increases the transparency of our development processes.

Maintenance and support

After the delivery of your desired app, we maintain the cooperation with our clients by providing continuous support in bug-fixing and, if desired, in the further development of app functions.


Characteristics of our usage of the AI in the applications


Excellent usability and rich features

Our first step always is to go deep into user needs and limitations to create the best suitable solution. From easy onboarding to intuitive navigation, guide visitors along a carefully crafted path to improve customer satisfaction.


Smoothy integration

Integrating a solution into your existing environment, have to ensure easy and seamless data exchange over the whole infrastructure.


Simple and straightforward content management systems (CMS)

We build software solutions so that non-technical crew can easily manage the content.


Top Performance

We build smooth, blazing-fast web apps optimized for minimum resource consumption, that are also underpinned by a resilient and highly performant backend, which allows your web solution-scale to handle an abounding number of simultaneous users at ease.


Rock-solid personal data security

Win users’ trust and increase adoption by providing secure, yet frictionless mobile experiences. While developing your software solution, we keep your data protected from third-party access, fraud and other threats.


As a software development company we offer our services in the following areas.


Natural language processing (NLP)

Achieving computer-human interaction, through Machine Learning by receiving information from human languages, analyzing it, then generate data and implementing it in the required and desired way.
NLP saves the ressources of our client’s businesses by replacing it with software solutions to do its function in effictive way.


Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Conversion of spoken language into text.

This technology is implemented in messaging applications, search engines, automotive systems and home automation.

The analysis is automated by accessing a word database. With artificial intelligence (AI), the data pool grows continuously and optimizes the ASR speech system.


Optical character recognition (OCR)

means optical character recognition. It is a technology that recognizes text within images.

Every project gives us the chance to provide an excellent user experience because we consider it a special privilege to turn a vision into reality. We look forward to hearing from you.